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C.W. Hatch is committed to excellence in all web pursuits. We strive to put the end user first in all that we do, from navigation to content to product information. Our network of sites focus on providing entertaining and informative content and offering useful information about attractive products to enable consumers to make purchases with confidence. C.W. Hatch enjoys working with individuals and companies who have these same principles in mind.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy at C.W. Hatch is that every situation calls for a specific solution. In some cases an out-of-the-box content management system can easily be implemented to satisfy needs. In other cases a completely unique solution will be best. In other cases custom back-end programming and front-end interface design may be necessary. For some, extensive flash development may be desired. Any design or solution has its strengths and weaknesses. We are experienced in evaluating different solutions to help select the ideal solution for a given set of needs and objectives.

Search Friendly

When approaching any design or strategy decision C.W. Hatch thinks in terms of making any website design or individual web page as search freindly as possible. Making a site search friendly is also making a site user friendly. Using S.E.O. industry standard white hat practices results in websites that are a great experience for human end users and at the same time have high visibility and relevance within search engines. We believe in the theory of intelligent redundant design.

Site History

To read about the history and development of this site continue here: Web Site History