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Cameron Hatch originally registered the domain name in October, 2004. At the time Cameron Hatch, while running his own internet ventures on the side, was employed as at the Bronx High School of Business, a public high school in the Bronx, New York City. Employed as the technology coordinator for the school, Mr. Hatch (as the students knew him) also taught two class periods of 9th grade World History each day, with the remainder of the day dedicated to developing educational programs that employ technology and assisting other teachers to implement those lesson plans and programs within their classrooms.

The original purpose for the website at that time was as an educational resource. For web-based research projects Mr. Hatch posted links, project requirements and other information and resources for his class in one location. The idea was to have a domain name was is short and easy to type to allow students to quickly access information from one central location without having to worry about mispelling long website addresses or perform complicated searches.

Other teachers at the Bronx High School of Business liked the idea and it was a place where teachers could add desired links to guestbook pages organized according to subject area.

Also, while at the Bronx High School of Business Mr. Hatch organized the Online Commerce Club. The after school organization focused on becoming familiar with the basics of internet commerce and web design. The website became a hands on teaching tool as a place for students to get experience uploading their own hand coded html pages and images.

Over time the guestbooks were targeted by spam bots and become unusable. The main static html pages with resources and links originally created by Cameron Hatch still survive and can be accessed here: educational links.

Cameron's wife prepared for graduate studies in California, so the couple moved to the Santa Barbara area. Cameron Hatch left the educational field and started work in the area of internet consulting.


Shortly after arriving in California Cameron Hatch began work as an in-house consultant to assist a company in re-launching an e-commerce site following a redesign of the site. following the completion of project was kept on as a strategy consultant to assist in the ongoing development of other sales channels. While this consulting work occupied the bulk of his work week, Cameron continued to work on his personal web projects on the side. In the first half of 2007 Cameron decided to invert his work scheduled dedicating the bulk of his time to his own internet projects and continuing consulting work on smaller projects.

Search Emphasis

Through experimentation with Search Engine Optimization projects on his own network of websites Cameron Hatch began to hone his S.E.O. skills, deepen his understanding of SEO best practices, and develop a wholistic approach to Search Engine Strategy. Keeping up to date through industry publications, Cameron continues to refine his craft in a world of constantly evolving technology and strategy. The culmination of this experience is the redesigned C.W. Hatch website dedicated to offering search engine tips and general online marketing information and experience. The C.W. Hatch firm is established to provide general information on free access basis. C.W. Hatch also seeks to develop beneficial relationships with other internet entities, whether through consulting arrangements, marketing partnerships, product sourcing deals or whatever other possibilities exist.